There are many forms of worship. Our daily work, creative expressions, loving others, family life, our everyday ordinary lives, it can all be done as worship unto God. With all that said, personally I think, singing good old songs, psalms and hymns, from making a joyful noise to silently waiting on Him, is probably the biggest forms of worship. So big that the Bible dedicated a entire book to songs, poetic praises, and psalms. Some intimate, some corporate, incorporated with instructions unto the music leaders and instrumentalist! That brings us to Sunday worship…
Sunday worship is a call to the saints to join in one voice, unified in Jesus. It is a time for God’s children to come together and shift our earthly focus heavenward. To sing and proclaim God’s truth over our lives. To love, adore and glorify our Father in Heaven with hearts filled with faith!

Why is it then that many of us, if not all of us, at some point in our lives struggle to believe and struggle to feel (Yes, God does work through our feelings at times)? Why do we sometimes fail to understand the magnitude of the words we are singing on a Sunday, struggle to experience Him, to let go of our inhibitions, to actually mean what we sing, and to actually be truly, madly in love with the One we are singing to?

Many of us, including mature Christians, are sometimes desperate to just experience a bit of what I mentioned, but when that first song starts on a Sunday gathering, the truth of that song is sometimes just not a reality to us.
Ps Eric Bapetel, from Every Nation Midrand, once said: “We don’t come to church to get satisfied, but we come to become hungry for more!”We worship what we know. If we do not know God intimately, if we don’t stay connected to Him, we will stand on the sidelines looking onto worship meetings, or worse, we will merely adore and praise the atmosphere of worship, rather then the One being worshipped. If nothing changes us from inside, we stay unaffected.

Col 4:2 says: ‘Devote yourselves in prayer’Worship starts on your knees on your living room floor, in your bedroom behind closed doors. Worship starts when no one sees you, with you showing up to meet with God. No perfect words or perfect pitch needed, just a heart longing to connect with God.

And so from that intimate encounter, our everyday ordinary lives turns into God-infused, extraordinary moments where God’s glory is displayed through our daily lives. As we worship Him throughout your day, as we walk with a heavenly perspective in mind, it changes how we see and interact with others. It impacts the darkness around us and it shines a light for all to see. It changes peoples lives and ultimately brings glory to Jesus.  Those experiences are what we take with us to a Sunday gathering. Sunday worship becomes a celebration of what God did through us and in us. That is when every word we sing truly becomes a reality.

Helena Smith – ENSW Worship Pastor